Have Your Say – Evictee Tries To Enter West Street Property

have-your-say-logoLast year a woman who goes by the name of  Cindy, Cindy Lou or Cindylou Lewis was given an eviction notice issued by the Court from Warren Row which she fought and left in a bad state.  Yesterday Lewis was due to be evicted from Fingest at 10.30am but left after a long legal fight leaving the property in a terrible state and then she tried to enter a propertyLewis external image in West Street Henley without authorisation. The Police were called.

This woman has been described to me by a local Detective Sergeant as a ‘conman’ and has a record of non payment of Court Orders and has been convicted earlier this year of drink drive.

She normally has a small dog with her. The conditions in which that poor thing has to live, and the lack of control that she has over it, and her refusal to clean up after it are, I feel, cause for concern.

She is a menace. The local public should be warned about her.



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  1. Jones says:

    I know of this person and have personal experience of her actions. She may, as the detective states, be a conman. That is simplistic. She may well be, but if she was, she would play out her cons for longer, instead she blows every opportunity of help, assistance, empathy too soon. Truth is she has no control in her life. She has mental health issues as the police themselves know but are only there to deal with breach of peace or drink driving. For as long as society, you, police, estate agents and more hit her over the head, it will force her to carry on, because without money she has no options. Similarly our country don’t have the funding to provide the necessary mental health care thst people like this need, and that is a disgrace because for all you know she may have an illness of the mind rather than an illness that is visible. I’m not sticking up for her, I bet she had cost me far more than you, but the truth is she has fallen through the net and whereas you and I can comfortably sit and judge someone like that, we are probably far from ever being in that situation.

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