Introducing Soul Talk – Treasure the Little Things in Life

soul talkWe’re really pleased to offer our readers a new series of ‘Soul Talk’ articles written by Robert Brain of Greys Road, Henley.  We hope you enjoy reading them.

As I sit in my living room overlooking a beautiful wooded valley in Henley so rich in trees and lush vegetation my thoughts turn to how many hues there are to the colour green? The answer is there are not enough words available to describe them. This beauty I have overlooked for so long and its abundant complexity now blows me away.

Over the last seventeen months I have been in a battle against cancer so now I have plenty of time to reflect. This is a short piece about the need to appreciate the things in life that one takes for granted. There is nothing like coming to face with your mortality to open your eyes to those everyday moments that are so important to us. Its things like the wind on your face, the kind word of a close one or even a stranger, the colours of the sky, the clouds passing by, the shy smile of a grandchild, bees visiting flowers, the smell of wood smoke, if I carry on someone better bring me a tissue or better still a cup of tea!

Yes it’s those little things that make up life and what makes it a treasure. They are often things money can’t buy nor a career make. So take a moment to think of what is really precious to you, don’t take it for granted appreciate it and enjoy. You never know it might be a walk on a windy day with the rain in your face. So the next time it’s like that take a walk and say thank you.




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  1. Lorna says:

    What an inspirational post. Sometimes we just don’t take he time to appreciate what we have until something dramatic happens in our lives.
    Like Robert I have been living with a cancer diagnosis over the last 12 months but I have experienced the most amazingly powerful support through other people and through God. The beauty of the natural world is a fantastic and daily reminder of the mystery and magnificence of existence and should encourage us all to celebrate how much we all have.

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