Gardening Blog – Anger Management?


There’s no doubt that working outside and with the soil is a big help when you’re feeling angry.  Clearing the new allotment in the autumn sun has been very therapeutic.  For a few hours at a time, and with just my elderly dog and a friendly robin for company, I’ve left behind the turmoil of preparing to move. I’m covering up the newly dug soil with weed-suppressing matting as I go.  It’s slow progress but it is progress. And as for the irritations – I haven’t shouted at anyone yet!

In the meantime, all the oriental leaves and spinach seeds I sowed a couple of weeks ago have germinated.  In a week or so there’ll be a newly-dug space on the allotment for the  strongest ones.  The rest will be perfect in a salad.

One of the responsibilities that comes with taking on an allotment is looking after the grass around the plot.  If anyone had told me 20 years ago, that I’d be thrilled to have a battery operated strimmer and 2 batteries for a birthday present I wouldn’t have believed them.  But I am.  There’s no messing around with petrol and (as long as I remember to charge the batteries) there’s  more than enough power to keep the grass under control.

We’re still enjoying the runner beans, courgettes and raspberries from allotment number one. I’ve run out of beetroot (note to myself to plant more and in succession next year) but my neighbours are still enjoying theirs. My carrots didn’t germinate this year, but other plot holders have plenty.   The chrysanthemums, dahlias and cosmos are still amazingly colourful on neighbouring plots.

Tips from the allotments:

– Dig the last of the main crop potatoes

– Keep picking the produce. Enjoy the last of the courgettes, French and runner beans

– Collect seed from vegetables such as leeks, French beans, and runner beans

– Think about digging organic material into the soil to keep it healthy

Biggest tip from experienced plot holders –  Remember that all the attention we give to the soil in the next few months will make next year easier and more productive!