Gardening Blog – Prize-winning Plots


Well done to everyone who won a prize at the Henley in Bloom and Henley Allotments Association Award ceremony. All the hard work and commitment have been recognised!

I watched last winter as the ‘Best newcomer’ allotment at Watermans was transformed from nettle-ridden patch to productive plot.  The prize is well deserved.

The Watermans “Best Allotment’ prize went to someone whose plot is always crammed full of healthy looking produce. He’s also a very useful person to talk to if you need any help or advice.  It’s great to see his grandchildren enjoying growing things with him there too.

This week I waved goodbye to Watermans and moved my last bist and pieces to Greencroft – so there’ll be a chance to see the prizewinning plots there too.  The plot I’ve left behind has been taken over by a team from Henley College.  We’re staying in touch and I’ll be back to see how they and all the other Watermans plot holders are getting on.

What are we all doing now? There’s some planting going on but most of us are still busy with the end of season clear-up.  Of course, anything we sow or plant in October or November has to be able to cope with the cold.  Garlic cloves and onion sets do well and will be planted in the next few weeks.  Some of us also plant ‘early’ varieties of peas and broad beans.

As you can see from the photograph, I’ve got some work to do before I can plant anything this year! My broad beans and peas will have to wait until the spring.  Even then, I’ll probably sow the seeds at home and plant them out when they’re looking sturdy.  My dog and I have spotted a few mice running around in my overgrown plot. They’d make short work of any newly planted seeds.

Is there a resident allotment angel at Greencroft?  I had to abandon my plot clearing plans a week or so ago after catching a nasty bug from my sons.  What a joy when I did get back there to see that the shoulder-high nettles had disappeared!  I don’t know who you are, but thank you!