Attacking Henley Positivity Remains

Henley Men’s 2s have started the new 2014-15 season in troubled fashion. This season, top spot had been uttered on the lips of man. However, after lost to both Wallingford and Newbury, the Team needed to improve the quality to beat another supposedly weaker side. It was not to be.

For the third week in a row, Henley produced positive and attacking hockey without much quality or direction. Quick, strong wing-back play from Roberts and brilliant debutant Liam Peachey provided good impetus for makeshift central-midfielders Harmer and Maidlow, who would normally be found parading around the opposition D as strike-partners. The midfield duo were joined by Nico Cheeseman and Harvey Richardson, who both worked hard. Unfortunately the link-up plan with Hughes-Burn and Brown did not quite click. Too often solo-runs were opted for instead of quick passing, particularly in the opposition 23.

Henley enjoyed nearly all of the possession in the first half, and were incredibly unlucky to be undone by a counter-attack. Keeper Foggoa looked on despairingly as Abingdon’s sole attempt on goal trickled in.

Again, Henley dominated the second half. Although not producing too much flair, the home team controlled the game and had countless chances; all missed. Abingdon scored a simple short-corner and just before the close, another counter-attack.

Not too much should be read into Henley’s 0 points from 3 games; numbers have been in short supply, with no substitutes available and some inexperienced players being thrown in at the deep-end! Mentions should be given to youngsters Cheeseman and Peachey; both had very good games. If Cheeseman and Peachey continue to train hard with the 2s, they will have a very bright future ahead of them.