Have Your Say – Townlands Steering Group


I am sure all residents will be relieved to know that Henley Town Council have voted to keep the Townlands Steering Group (TSG). This was voted through unanimously on Nov 4th and is a boost for Townlands and the work of the TSG. Members of the public who attended and spoke at the meeting were clear that the TSG is needed not only to ensure the project is completed successfully but also that the TSG will continue to be needed so that the experience and knowledge gained over the last ten years is retained and we can continue to represent the views of the community effectively.

The most important lesson to remember from the last ten years is that the battle to save Townlands and then have the redevelopment approved was the power of speaking with a single undivided voice in support of Townlands. When the future of the TSG came into question in recent weeks, the community made clear their views that the TSG must continue its work.

The TSG will continue to act as the voice of the community and make every effort to ensure the wonderful project we now have is delivered for everyone in the community

Cllr Ian Reissmann
Chair TSG