Flight Lieutenant Looking for World War Pilot He Met at Remembrance Parade

Henley Remembrance 2014

I met an amazing gentleman in a wheelchair at the Remembrance Day Parade. He had been a pilot during the war (Spitfires AND Hurricanes). His daughter asked if I would mind being photographed shaking his hand. Afterwards she said “You just made his day”. I was too amazed to say that the honour was entirely mine. I felt humbled to shake the hand of such an incredibly brave (and modest) man.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall being given the gentleman’s name. I would dearly love to have a copy of the photograph, and to know who he was and learn more about his life, both during the war and beyond. Such people should not be forgotten. I wish I had more time available on the day, to spend with the family and just talk.  I don’t know if he was local, or if he had travelled and was just visiting family.  Hopefully someone will see this and let me know!

Tim Keating
Flight Lieutenant RAFVR(T)
OC 447 (Henley-on-Thames) Squadron
Air Training Corps