Henley Firefighters Visit Dragonflies Montessorri

  • Henley Firefighters at Dragonflies Montessori

Fire, Fire, Fire! This is what the children were taught by Henley Station Firefighters to shout on Friday last week when they came to visit Dragonflies Montessori School if their smoke alarm goes off at home.  As well as this they were told what to do if their clothes caught on fire and what number they should call the fire brigade on.  The Firefighters brought their fire engine to the school for the children to look at all the special equipment including the big cutters and the chance to have a sit inside.

Principal Lisa Drage said, “The children were very excited to meet the Firefighters and see the fire engine. It was a great way to get the children to learn about fire safety and what the firefighters do.  I think it’s never too early for children to understand the importance of fire safety.”

The children also made Fireman Fred as part of the Henley Herald Guy Fawkes trail last week and this week they will making their own fire engine.

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