Local Artist Camilla Wins National Artist of the Year

camilla-dowse-artist-of-the-yearLocal artist Camilla Dowse has been named the Artist of the Year by the Artist and Illustrator national magazine.


Friday Street (III), Henley-on-Thames

Camilla said, “All I can say is I’m still reeling from hearing I’ve won. And have had increased interest in my work already. I’m looking forward to a successful 2015 when the gallery representation (one of the prizes) kicks in. I’m to be represented by Jonathan Cooper Park Walk Gallery in Chelsea. I’ve also won a Greek cruise, so hopefully that will help refresh me during all the work I have planned! And I’m delighted by the spread of 5 pages in the December issue of Artists and Illustrators Magazine. Wow!”

The panel of judges commented, “We looked at thousands of great artworks during the various stages of judging but Camilla’s painting was one to which all the panel returned again and again. Was it the celebratory bunting and controlled splashes of paint that attracted us to it? Or was it the coolly refined palette? Maybe it was the deceptively simple composition and charming subject choice? Or perhaps it was the rigorous draughtsmanship under all those painterly textures? In truth, it was all of those things and more. This is a deserving win for a very promising artist.”

For details of Camilla’s work go to http://www.camilladowse.co.uk/