Father Christmas to Tour Henley Thanks to Round Table

round-table-sleighHenley families can use Twitter and Facebook to track Santa as he tours the local area

Round Table has announced details of its Christmas Float schedule for 2014. The dates on which the float will aim to visit different parts of the town and Shiplake are being published in advance – enabling families to make sure they are at home when Santa tours their neighbourhood, or to go and find him in another part of town on a different evening. The Round Table will also use social media to help ensure that families don’t miss out on the chance to see Santa.

“We’re pleased again to be giving families the opportunity to plan in advance when they might like to see Santa”, said Nick Woodthorpe, Chairman of Henley Round Table. “Despite his usual global punctuality, sometimes even Santa has to change his plans. Historically that has meant that his elves have wanted not to disappoint people who have stayed in especially to see the float, and have preferred to surprise everyone instead.

“However, as most people have access to Twitter and Facebook we’ll make sure that up-to-date route maps for each evening of the float are tweeted @HenleyRT on Santa’s behalf. You’ll also be able to see updates on our website and Facebook page.”

Santa will visit Henley and Shiplake between 6 and 13 December, as well as making a special appearance at the head of the procession from Hotel du Vin at the beginning of the Christmas Fair on Friday 5 December. This means there are two popular weekend outings, designed to ensure that more families get to see him.

The Round Table currently plans to visit the following areas:

Sat 6      Blandy Road / Makins Road / King James Way / upper St. Andrews Road etc

Sun 7     Kings Road / Crisp Road / Luker Avenue etc Greys Road / Greys Hill / Church Street etc

Tue 9     Shiplake

Wed 10 Park Road / Reading Road / Harpsden Road / Noble Road etc

Thu 11   St. Marks Road / Gainsborough / lower St. Andrews Road etc

Fri 12     Peppard, Vicarage Road, Berkshire, Westerns etc.

Sat 13    Valley Road / Deanfield Road / Elizabeth Road etc

Full details – and route maps – can be found on www.henleyroundtable.org, which also contains links to the Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“Of course, we can’t guarantee that the schedule will go entirely according to plan, so it’s important that families keep track on line,” added Adam Holden, a stable lad for the Round Table Reindeer. “Our real-time tweets should be a very reliable guide to where Santa can be found.”

The Round Table would also like to thank Design & Technology students at Shiplake College for helping to renovate the float over the last few weeks.