Henley Air Cadets – We Need Your Support


Last night Henley Air Cadets held their Annual General Meeting. It was widely advertised on Facebook, posters and in this publication. The invitation was open to all.

As many local people are aware, the squadron has been very active supporting the community. We have been helping at the Henley May Fair, Hit Litter, the Henley Show, the Mayor Making ceremony and, more recently at Remembrance Parade and helping the Royal British Legion distribute poppies. We have delivered on all that was asked of us.

To allow us to continue, we need the support of local schools and townsfolk to encourage young people aged 12-17 years to join us. If you know someone with a sense of adventure and/or an interest in flying or aviation based activity, or if you are someone with those interests, then come and give it a try! Free uniform and first month is subscription free (£6.25 monthly after a probationary period).