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Chiropractic treatment is one of the most effective treatments for all forms of back and neck pain and associated leg pain (sciatica). Very helpful in finding relief of the symptoms and treating the mechanical causes.

But there is one very often overlooked cause – the feet, which play a very significant role in recurrent back problems.foot

Poor foot control, such as flat feet, causes a torsion movement up the lower limb to the thigh and finishing in the lower back. This subtle, repeated twisting of the spine can be a constant irritant and prevent the complete recovery of persistent back pain.

At the Back In Line Chiropractic Clinic they use sophisticated technology to scan the foot strike, which interprets the distortions present in the foot. From this information, custom made thin, resin based orthotics are formed which are inserted into the shoe, supporting and correcting the way the foot strikes the ground. The results by using these small devices are remarkable.

Orthotics are also very effective in the treatment of specific foot pain: such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, Sever’s Disease and Metatarsalgia. Knee pain is also often alleviated by supporting arch collapse in the foot.

Michael McIntyre on his recent tour showed off his new orthotics and gave an explanation of  how these worked and his huge calf muscles, which he quipped made it look as though his legs are upside down!

At Back In Line, they are offering a FREE gait scan analysis until the end of December, so to take advantage of this offer please telephone the clinic on 01491 579712 and they will be happy to make you an appointment.

They are registered with most major health insurers.

Visit their website at



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