Local Boys Think of Others This Christmas

xmas-buskingLocal boys, Jesse Brener, Oliver Harris and Sidni Brener decided they would like to raise some money for the Henley Over 60’s club.  They said, “We wanted to raise some money to give to people in the local area who may be lonely this Christmas.”

So on Sunday afternoon they busked playing their musical instruments – Jesse and Oliver on clarinet and Sidni on saxophone in Market Square.  They played a variety of Christmas songs (and some not so Christmassy) to the delight of many shoppers and raised nearly £32.  The money will be given to the Over 60s club next week by Mrs Herbert, Year 4 teacher at Valley Road School.

They were joined by Olaf the snowman from Frozen who danced to one or two of their pieces…. All the boys had a lot of fun and braved the cold to raise the money. They are an inspiration…



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