Stars Come Out for Christmas at Valley Road School

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas

  • Valley Road School Henley Christmas Plays

C’ is for ‘Come & hear about Christmas’, ‘H’ is for ‘Have you Heard the good news’, ‘R’ is for ‘Riding to Bethlehem’…

This cute little play performed by the Key Stage 1 children at Valley Road School tells the traditional story of the nativity through the letters of the word Christmas.  We loved the snowball fight, the Reception children singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Star and the Angels starting the party with great dancing and singing. Mary was played by Lily Clegg and Joseph by Henry Emerson from Year 2.

The Stars Come Out for Christmas

  • Valley Road School Henley Christmas Play

Who should win an award for Outstanding Contribution to Christmas a the Christmas Awards Ceremony from Holly-wood in Tinsel-Town? Santa? Christmas cards? Christmas trees? The turkey dinner? What about snow?

This musical story with great catchy songs and interspersed with some really bad Christmas jokes was performed brilliantly by the children in Key Stage 2 at Valley Road School. The costumes were excellent and included some big Christmas cards designed by the children. Ailish Jones who played Beth, Star of Bethlehem sang beautifully and reminded everybody that everyone is a star at Christmas. The Henley Herald didn’t get to see the big surprise of the play at the dress rehearsal but has learnt since that Tim Coulson, the Headteacher put himself forward for an award as the Panto Dame!  Pictures please to the Herald if you have one.



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