Gardening Blog – What, when and how?


This year’s planting will be an experiment for me. I’ve grown fruit and vegetables for a while, but always on well-drained sandy soil. My new plot at Greencroft is quite unlike anything I’ve ever dug before – it’s rich and moist. By this time next year, I’ll know it well and planning for the season ahead will be reasonably straightforward – but at the moment, my head is full of questions.

I’ll be talking to my allotment neighbours and watching what they are do. If something works for them, there’s a good chance that it will work for me too. Fortunately, at the end of this month there’s a perfect opportunity to pick the brains of Henley’s more experienced gardeners at a useful sounding ‘Plan Your Garden Year’ evening.

Organised by the Henley Allotments Association, the evening is open to anyone interested in growing their own fruit and vegetables. Whether you are an allotment holder or not, if you need help planning your season’s planting, the King’s Arms Barn on Tuesday 27th January, between 7pm and 9pm is the place to be. Just email Dave McEwen for more information and to let him know that you are interested

In the meantime, I’m watching with envy as established plot-holders dig their leeks, parsnips and celeriac and pick delicious looking greens, sprouts and cabbages. Thanks to a donation of young leek plants from a kind fellow gardener, my allotment isn’t completely bare. However, my  2015 seeds and potatoes are now on order – by this time next year I’ll be harvesting with the best of them. And so could you!

Tips from the Allotments:

  • Keep harvesting crops
  • Dig when conditions are suitable
  • Dig a runner bean trench if the weather stays dry
  • Plant shallots
  • Split rhubarb to make more crowns
  • Prune autumn raspberries