Health Blog – Are you Suffering with Shoulder Pain?

shouldersThe shoulder is the most moveable joint in the body and therefore the most vulnerable to injury.

Shoulder pain can be localised or may be referred from other areas of the body. For example, the gall bladder, liver or heart can masquerade as shoulder pain or the pain may be referred from the cervical spine (neck).

But when the pain actually is in the shoulder it can be for many different reasons. It could be a Tendonitis (inflamed and painful tendon), Bursitis Impingement Syndrome (which can can be caused by repeated minor trauma such as overuse of the shoulder joint and muscles or a single more significant trauma such as a fall) or Rotator Cuff injuries (damage to the muscles and tendons) to name just a few conditions.

At Back In Line in Duke Street, a visit to one of their Chiropractors consists of an initial consultation and examination which will involve testing all the ranges of motion of the shoulder, the neck and upper back areas. Chiropractic examination can differentiate from where the problem is arising. Sometimes X-Ray or MRI investigation is necessary to confirm a diagnosis but once referred pain has been ruled out and there are no contraindications to treatment, they can begin.

Your treatment may use manipulation, ultrasound, acupuncture and specific muscle and tendon techniques depending on the diagnosis.

If you have shoulder pain that has not responded to conventional treatment call Back In Line on: 01491 579712 to arrange for an appointment.


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