LA fitness Launches New brand of Fitness Classes ‘Primal Series’

LA-Fitness-1Primal Series™ has been unveiled by LA fitness, one of the UK’s leading health club chains – a new series of 30 minute dynamic, high intensity classes, which takes fitness back to basics by building on the hottest fitness trend of the moment, natural movement. Developed with leading master trainers, Primal Series™ is a group of unique high intensity classes that combine instinctive natural movements with the latest functional training kit and techniques.

LA fitness in Henley has also been fitted with new functional training areas and the latest functional kit, including: ViPR, kettlebells, slamballs, powerbags, sandropes, bosu stax and SURGE ™ – the newest water-based resistance training kit.

Primal Series™ classes will be held daily to help members strengthen their body, mind and fitness by rediscovering the muscles and natural movements that have often been forgotten due to the sedentary lifestyle of modern living.

They combine high intensity interval training (HIIT) with exercises based on primal movements such as pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, squatting, lunging and on gait (walking, jogging, sprinting).

Primal Series™ comprises of five classes:

  • STRENGTH: Dig deep with kettlebells, slamballs and powerbags to bolster explosive strength and tone your entire body.
  • CORE: Accept the challenge of transforming your abs and torso. Stability, reactions and strength are the names LA-Fitness-2of the game as you sculpt strong core steel.
  • RENEW: Prepare for your next big session by putting our grid rollers through their paces, for deep tissue muscle massage that builds tone and boosts flexibility and recovery.
  • PERFORM: Prove you’ve got the power and agility to withstand energy- sapping bursts of explosive sports- based activities across functional kit, including bosu stax, viper, dumbbells and ladders.
  • CONDITION: Act on your instincts and go wild on sandropes, surge and bosu to support, condition and strengthen your body’s natural movements

LA fitness’ confirms the time is right to launch Primal Series™  classes:

“Shorter, higher intensity workouts are designed to activate multiple muscle groups to help you get quicker results; whether it’s losing weight, toning up, increasing strength or sports performance. “ confirms the team at the Henley club.  “Combined with brand new functional training areas, complete with cutting-edge kit in every club, Primal Series™ is set to get people the results they want and deserve without having to take long hours out of our already busy days. We aim to deliver a World-class experience that will educate, motivate and captivate our members to achieve real and sustainable results.”

For a free 3-day pass and to book in to try out the class go to:


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