HACG Watercolour Workshop Thurs 12 Feb

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Watercolour specialist  Elizabeth Baldin is running this workshop which is as usual 10.00-3.30 at Remenhan Village Hall.

Elizabeth has asked members to bring a few materials to maximise the day which are outlined in the programme – but for those who can’t find their programme below is a short summary:

Watercolour paper, (stretched or on a block), 15×11 brushes (watercolour and synthetic), a 1″ flat brush size12, fine black marker pens, waterproof ink, hb and 2b pencils, rubber, kitchen towels, plastic palette with deep wells, ceramic palette or plate for inks, acrylic inks (specially sepia, raw sienna and scarlet), watercolour paints,  tubes preferably and/or reference material.

This promises to be a very enjoyable session.


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