Henley in Transition Organising Events for Time for Action Climate March

Time to Act Against Climate ChangeHenley in Transition is Organising Events in Henley ahead of the “Time for Action” Climate March in London on March 7th! 

In December this year, critical climate talks are due to take place in Paris (called COP 21). The last meeting of such size and importance was the disastrous Copenhagen conference in 2009.  That produced the Copenhagen Accord, which committed world governments to keep global warming within 2 degrees Celsius but produced no binding agreement on how this would be achieved.

Environmental and social justice groups the world over are now applying pressure on their governments to come up with something more solid that reduces CO2 emissions before it is too late. We want Henley in Transition, and everyone else who cares about the planet, to join in too!

London Climate March

A climate march is taking place in London on Saturday March 7th to call on the government to take action on climate change. Marches in September last year brought 40,000 people to the streets of London, 400,000 to the streets of New York and tens of thousands more to city streets around the world. Pressure needs to be maintained. The action needs to escalate.

We will go down to London either by train or coach as a group, where will be joining a bloc of Transition Towners (and their friends) from across the country in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. We then march to Parliament Square. At a set time, everyone will hold up, and then set off, an alarm clock with the message to our politicians that it is time to WAKE UP about climate change. It’s a serious message, but we hope the event will be fun as well.

Henley Falaise Square Publicity Event

As a warm-up, and to get some publicity in local media, we want to hold a photo opportunity in Henley’s Falaise Square on Saturday 14th of February at 11:45 (for 3 minutes to twelve). Bring an alarm clock (your phone alarm will do)! We will gather around banners calling for action on climate change and promoting the above march.

Please could you RSVP us if you are able to attend. If we get enough replies, we will turn this into a flash mob (but with no dancing!). That means everyone will mill around the square and then hold up an alarm clock and gather in one place at an appointed time. We would film this and hope it goes viral. But it would only work if we get enough people, so please try to join in and persuade all your family and friends to come along!

Kings Arms Barn Climate Film and Discussion

Come along to Kings Arms Barn on Monday 23rd February– 7pm to 9:30. We will be showing a short film at 7 pm about the reasons we need to march and why governments need to act. This will be followed by three or four very short presentations – no more than ten minutes each – designed as catalysts for more general discussion

So. Who’s In?

Are you coming to the Monday meeting at the Barn? If you would you like to talk for ten minutes about your concerns about Climate Change, please let us know and we’ll reserve you a spot.

Do you want to be part of the surprise event on Saturday 14th February. It’s legal and amusing, will only take a few minutes and will leave you plenty of time to shop! Please, please let us know so we can plan.

Will you be coming to London on the 7th of March? If enough people are interested, we will lay on a coach – or we can make a group booking for the train. Let us know

Contact Us

To contact us email henley.in.transition@gmail.com

More information on the march here: http://www.campaigncc.org/ TimetoAct