Geographers Explore Dorset Landmarks

At the beginning of March, Mr Ross Johnston and the Shiplake College Year 10 Geographers set off for Dorset, to collect data for their GCSE controlled assessment. The GCSE controlled assessment is worth 25% of their overall GCSE and forms a large component of their overall course. The trip also provided them with a fantastic opportunity to visit some famous coastal landforms.

dorset-trip--geographyA short trip of just two days, the busy visit took in a plethora of the local sites, including Hengistbury Head, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. These sites are famous for displaying stunning natural occurrences, which was highly useful for the purpose of the trip. Braving the driving wind and cold, the students meandered around the sites, gathering data that they will look to use as part of the upcoming GCSE assessments. The Shiplake boys collected data on different beach profiles, including angularity and length. Other information such as beach material, size, and roundness was also observed.

dorset-trip-geogrpahy-2All boys found it very interesting to see the different forms of geography in action around them, and appreciated the expertise shared by the teachers in helping them collect data for their controlled assessment. The chance to stay in a converted 17th century farmhouse also proved popular. Mr Johnston would like to commend students Tom Hallam and Luke Sherman for their ‘sterling work throughout the trip and for setting a superb example of behaviour and tenacity to the rest of the boys.’

The Shiplake students will now have to spend time in class writing up their projects, ahead of the submission next year, and it is hoped that many will be able to convert their enthusiasm shown on the trip into A and A* grades.

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