Have Your Say – Reading Road One Way Traffic from Station Road into Town

Have Your Say LogoEmail sent to David Nimmo Smith, Oxfordshire County Councillor for Henley

The road closure at Greys Road has had untold benefits in Reading Road from Station Road to the centre of town.  The traffic is calmer, moves more quickly and no more traffic jams along the Reading Road where my Gallery is located.  It is a much pleasanter environment since the road works.

No more large lorries going in the other direction holding up traffic when meeting another lorry or bus going towards town and no more scratched cars, broken mirrors or frayed tempers.

It also seems as if more people are walking about – it is a pleasanter place to walk now it is not filled with petrol/diesel fumes.

Is there any way we can move to have this section of Reading Road as a permanent one-way road?  Anything you can achieve for this end of town would be wonderful and most gratefully received.

Patricia Jordan Evans
Bohun Gallery




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