AFC U10 Henley Hurricanes Drop Their First Points Since Xmas

afc-logo-newIn conditions colder than they looked last Saturday, fighting against the long ball on a bumpy pitch, the U10 AFC Henley Hurricanes drew and dropped their first points in the league after Xmas.

Their opposition from Westwood, used traditional British tactics, kick the ball to the front and put pressure on the defence, it almost paid off for them. Henley started the game with all best intent to play their game, pass it with runs on the wings, with the odd shot from the midfield. And for a change, Henley struggled. Westwood put good pressure on Henley and on the bumpy pitch it was difficult to pass out of these situations.

Despite that, when Henley did succeed to play a good combination, they created chances immediately and it was through a nice pass in from Danny to Sonny which lead to Henley taking the lead. Because of the pressure from Westwood, Henley started to play to much in a hurry, therewith losing accuracy. It was time to get the ball back in a fight, and that does not play to the Hurricanes strengths, despite the strength of many of the team.

Towards the end of the first half Henley conceded the equaliser – at a corner, the ball was saved, dropped in between 3-4 players and ended in the net. With a lot of time still to play there was enough time for the Hurricanes to get back in the lead and the boys did give it their best, with George and Will making their runs on the wings. Westwood needed to make a few fouls to stop us, where great runs from Danny, Luke and Seb ended in a free kick. Some good shots, but they just missed the finishing touch today, and if the shot was great, Tobias banged it on the post and Tyler was unlucky in the finishing.

In the second half, the long and high ball from Westwood caused Henley some tricky moments in defence, where Oliver was blocking a few attacks. In despair the Hurricanes put in a few last attacks and literally with a few seconds to go they went on again to get in shooting position, but without success this time. They had to settle for the 1-1 draw. Because of his great play on the right wing in the first half, the team voted Will to be Man of the Match, well done buddy!!