Scarlett Captures The Spirit of Henley Youth Festival

HYF-Scarlett-1What’s the best way to capture the spirit of the Henley Youth Festival?  On film of course.  This year the HYF organising committee were looking for a new young person to make a film of the festival and the Henley Herald was delighted to introduce Scarlett Coates who has grown up in Henley and currently studying at Henley College and their sponsor Meadows Farm Studios where Scarlett has been doing work experience.

Scarlett has been on work experience with Meadows Farm since November 2014. She is on a Creative Media course at Henley College.  Richard Pinches, Owner of Meadows Farm said, “Scarlett’s Mum asked us if we could take her on during her down time to introduce her into a real working environment which we gladly did. Scarlett is confident and self motivated and we were very happy to have her come along to HYF-Scarlett-2help. When we knew she was going to be filming HYF we instructed her on how to use our DSLR camera and microphone for a ‘Behind the Scenes ‘  style shoot and Scarlett practised this on a few visits to the studio. She quickly got used to the old fashioned manual set up and was able to focus and expose her footage with confidence. Scarlett managed the whole job superbly and delivered  the video on a very tight deadline, just like in the real world!”

Scarlett said afterwards “Making the HYF video was like looking back in time. Getting to see all the kids taking part reminded me of my friends and I at that age when we all took part in the HYF. Overall it was fun to run around and film everything to make sure I captured the whole cross-section of everything that happens!”

Tina Jacobs who looks after the PR for the Festival said, “The HYF film is important to the Festival. We use it to show schools, sponsors and volunteers what a great thing HYF is and encourage them to get involved. The film has always been made by a student and we were delighted when Scarlett volunteered. She made a brilliant job of it and also negotiated with one of the bands who played at Gig Night to use their original music as the soundtrack – something we have never had before.”

You can download Scarlett’s HYF 2015 film here