Rail Commuters: Post-Easter Schedule

fgw-trainThe Henley Branch User Group has already warned of the rail replacement bus service running over the long Easter weekend and the following weekend.  This will run from Shiplake to Wokingham via Henley – please check timings online as the journey time to Wokingham is 65 mins (Shiplake), 55 minutes (Henley), 40 minutes (Wargrave).

However, regular London commuters need to be aware that the normal services are NOT running in the week after Easter, and ALL SERVICES REQUIRE A CHANGE AT TWYFORD.   Please check your own particular journey online but as an example for Wednesday 8th April the peak services from HOT (please adjust for Shiplake and Wargave) to Paddington will be:

  • 05:56 arrives 06:54
  • 06:42 arrives 07:44 change also at Maidenhead (arrives there 07.17 platform 4, need to go under to platform 2 for 07:20)
  • 06:42 arrives 07:49 (if you want to stay on the train it will take 5 mins longer).
  • 07:28 arrives 08:27
  • 08:25 arrives 09:30

The evening is going to be particularly tough with only one train an hour up the branch line back into HOT even during the rush hour. No doubt more services into Twyford but as an indication (again, Wednesday example, please check specific days) for your shortest journey arrive early at Paddington for:

  • 15:57 arrives 17.08
  • 17:18 arrives 18:22
  • 18:18 arrives 19:21
  • 19:15 arrives 20:12
  • 20:21 arrives 21:15
  • Also 21:18 (change at Slough 21:34 platform 2, over to platform for the 21:42) – you can avoid the Slough change by leaving Paddington at 21:12 – arrives 22:26
  • 21:48 (change at Slough 2203/2215 as above) – can avoid Slough change by leaving Paddington at 21:36 – arrives 23:19.    Note this is a particularly long journey time.
  • 23.18 arrives 00:19

Please contact and join the Henley Branch User Group at henleybranchusergroup@gmail.com to receive further updates directly (and encourage your travelling friends!)   Unfortunately there will be more disruption at Whitsun, so expect a further update then.