Town Meeting Highlights our Great Community Organisations – Something for Everyone

town-meeting-2015The Mayor, Councillor Martin Akehurst, welcomed many of the Henley community organisations to the Town Meeting last week at the Town Hall.  He outlined what each of the Town Council Committees had achieved over the last financial year which included the new toddler playground, expanding the markets, refurbishment of Mill Meadows toilets, opening of a new footpath, to name just a few.

The Mayor though did say there was one thing he needed to sort out – the adjustment of the traffic management system in Duke Street to rectify the high pollution recorded in this road.  He said, “This will be done after the gas works have finished on Greys Road when it can be properly tested.”

Representatives then from a number of the voluntary organisations gave a short report which included Henley Bridge and Henley Rotary Clubs, Henley Handibus, Henley Hockey Club, Nomad, the Royal British Legion, Kenton Theatre, Riverside Counselling, Henley Freemasons, Henley Wildlife Group, Leichlingen/Falaise Twinning Associations, Camp Mohawk, YMCA, Henley Cricket Club, and Henley Tennis Club.

Many of the organisations thanked the Town Council for their support and invited members to join their organisation and/or support their initiatives.  Whether your young or old,  want to play sport, volunteer and raise money for chairty, enjoy visits to our Twin Towns or need a lift into town – there really is something for everyone in Henley.

Other highlights from the reports included:

Henley YMCA – Angela Healey, CEO of Henley YMCA made a plea to the Mayor and the Council to get behind the purchase of the YMCA housing which not only provides important housing for 16-25 year olds but their other facilities (sports pitches and the pavillion) are used by various organisations in the community for free.

Henley Tennis Club – asked if a brown sign could be installed on Deanfield Road to show where the club is located as many people still don’t know where it is.

Riverside Counselling – would like to find more premises to hold counselling sessions in.

The Henley Herald invited any of the organisations at the meeting, who are not currently signed up as news contributors, to contact them so that they can give them access to to publish their own news and events.

Jeremy Laming fromHighwayman-painting the new Henley Highwayman event and Ali Bird from Savills the sponsor, presented the Mayor with a framed print of the specially commissioned Henley Highwayman painting by Carolyn Tyrer which features swimmers, runners, riders and a Henley Highwayman too.  He said, “We’d like to present this to Henley Town Council for all their help and support for our new Henley event in June.  We hope that you can find a special place to hang it in the Town Hall.”





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