Sporting Figurine Centrepiece Completes New Look Roundabout

roundabout-sculpture-2The centrepiece for the newly designed roundabout on Reading Road was installed today. The figurine sculpture made from wire was made by Rachel Ducker from Oxford. Rachel worked closely with Paul Teroni the roundabout designer to create a sporting statue which would encompass his design entitled ‘Henley’s Gateway to a Healthy Lifestyle’.  Paul said, “I saw one of Rachel’s sculptures on an episode of Grand Designs on a house in Shiplake and I thought her work would be perfect for my design.”

Rachel told us, “This is my first big public showpiece and I am looking forward to seeing the blue grass below (representing water) grow up around the figurine and seeing the sculpture in the different roundabout-sculptureseasons.”

Rachel started off her career as a jeweller and still does commissioned pieces however she now works full time as an artist and the Henley sculpture took two weeks in total hours over a period of a month to complete.  Last year Rachel was commissioned by Rolls-Royce to create a special gift which was presented to Qatar Airlines to commemorate the delivery of the first A350 XWB Airbus.  Her work has also featured on the BBC show Glorious Gardens From Above.

Rachel’ pieces are untitled due to her belief that everyone sees something different in the sculptures and her lack of suggestion leads them to live that moment she portrays in their own particular way, therefore expanding the piece of work further with every viewer.  Should the people of Henley name the figurine? Please leave your ideas below.



  1. Laura Beales says:

    I would name the wonderful wire sculpture in Henley ‘Demelza’ after the red headed, flowing haired beauty in Poldark.

  2. Yvonne Wagstaff says:

    i wonder what sport this is supposed to represent?? And how is it typical of Henley??
    And why is one leg so much longer than the other??

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