Spotlight on Venue 2 of Henley Art Trail


A packed 3 days of art and entertainment is promised at the d:two Centre in Market place (Venue 2 of the Henley Art Trail) this Bank Holiday Weekend.

As well as art including paintings, sculptures, mixed media, illustrations and drawings by artists Nacera Guerin, Robert Brain, Emma Bruce, Steve Allender and Clinton Morgan there will be the following programme of entertainment:


A talk about writing and power of creativity, with local writer Amanda Jennings, author of 2 successful books; Sworn Secret and Judas Scar.

Coming directly from London, Kat Amara Korba, award winning documentary producer, film maker, will introduce us to her award winning documentary “Zelal”. A film she worked on with Director Marianne Khoury. “A real life One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Filmed over the course of a year with unprecedented access, the voices of the insane or seemingly insane are heard for the first time from within the oldest mental asylum in the world. With the current situation in Egypt still uncertain this unique and extraordinary film offers an insight into the frustrations and social tensions that led to the Revolution in 2011″ said, Kat Amara Korba.

“Often those who are condemned as outsiders tell truths the rest of us refuse to face”, said Marianne Khoury  – Director.  Watch a trailer of the film here

Kat will be answering any questions the audience may have after the film. Donations will go to the charity MIND.


8pm Poetry from Claire Dyer, Anna-May Laugher, Sarah Miles, Susan Utting, Louise Ordish, Marcus Richardson and Lesley Saunders


7.30pm Music from local bands to bring the Arts Trail to an end.

The Artists

Artist, Nacera Guerin paintings are fascinating as she starts off by adding ink, tea or coffee and dyes to a canvas randomly and then leaves them to dry. She then ‘discovers’ her picture by looking closely at the formations and then adds details with

Steve Allender is a both a fine art oil painter and also a great cartoonist (pictured right)

Art from Accidental Art Studios will be on display.  The art has been created at workshops led by founder, Robert Brain in multiple locations throughout the UK.  The collective work is from a myriad of different groups who are guided through an experimental, energetic creative process using paint, alternative tools and music to create the unique colourful artwork (pictured above).

Emma Bruce paints fantastic ‘movement’ pictures in acrylic and oil with subjects including musical instruments and animals.

Clinton Morgan will be showing his very unique alternative brightly coloured artworks and will performing poetry on Sunday too.

Nacera Guerin who organised the exhibition and event said, “I am always amazed, moved, surprised and inspired by the work of other Artists. I am really pleased to share this venue with such fantasic artists.  I would also like to thank d:two for providing the exhibition space free of charge.  I am very excited and looking forward to sharing the same love of art I have with everyone this weekend.”








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