Badgemore School Gardens Get Makeover


New culinary herb, wild flower and sensory flower beds were the plan for a makeover of the gardens at Badgemore School.

Last week a group of Friends of Badgemore volunteers started to dig over and plant new flower beds around the school to improve the outdoor area of their Forest School.  Badgemore is proud to be an accredited Forest School for the children to develop a confidence for creative and independent learning in their woodland setting.  The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.

Tuc Ahmad, Governor at the School said, “We had a very productive and enjoyable day sprucing up our school grounds organised by our PTA, Friends of Badgemore.  The weather was on our side with the badgemore-garden04rain stopping half an hour before our scheduled start in the morning and staying at bay until we finished seeding our wild flower bank at 6:30pm.  In between the conditions were ideal and in total about 30 children, parents and Governors helped to rejuvenate the gardening club’s raised beds, plant a range of herbs, sweat peas, jasmine and other scented plants for our new planted areas and tidy up other areas of the grounds. We are also very thankful to Tesco for donating a twenty pound voucher towards our BBQ which helped to sustain us and continue for an extra three hours longer than scheduled!”

“Days like today are really fun as it allows our close knit school community to socialise while contributing towards the improvement of native diversity of flora and fauna on site in a way that also enhances the learning scape. It feels like we are a village school in the heart of town.”


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