Have Your Say – Would YOU Benefit From Better Station Parking at Twyford?

Have Your Say LogoProposal are afoot to expand the station car park at Twyford into a multi-storey unit.  This may be beneficial to you if you need more flexibility than the branch line train timetable allows.

Some government funding may be possible if local communities demonstrate that this expansion is worthwhile and meets local demand.   So if you feel you would benefit from better ability to park at Twyford, please write to us asap at henleybranchusergroup@gmail.com for us to consolidate and forward.    We need to respond with a “thud factor” in the next week.
And please forward this to your local friends.
Thank you from the Henley Branch User Group.   You can join us to protect and improve our rail services by writing to us at the above address.

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