Train Services in the Event of a Strike

First_Great_Western_TrainThe Henley Branch User Group met with First Great Western on Wednesday.  FGW kindly gave us their press release (click to view) to share, detailing the services that will run if the strike goes ahead.

Basically, on Monday and Tuesday there would be:
  •  a half hourly service between Reading and Paddington stopping at Twyford
  • an hourly service on the branch line between Henley and Twyford.
On both days this is between 7.30 am and 18.30 ONLY.   So if you travel, aim to be off your train home by 18.30 if you don’t want to be caught out.
There is a risk that Wednesday morning’s services will be disrupted if trains are not in the right place after the strike.
Please note also that if the strike is called off late if may not be possible to revert the timetable to normal.
Check schedules online from the weekend if you need to travel.
Contact to give us a better voice.

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