Sue Ryder Nettlebed Hospice Joins #Hellomynameis Campaign

hellomynameis-SivSue Ryder Nettlebed Hospice is delighted to be officially supporting Dr Kate Granger’s #hellomynameis campaign, which encourages all healthcare workers to introduce themselves by name to their patients. Dr Granger is terminally ill and started this campaign after becoming frustrated by the number of hospital staff who failed to introduce themselves to her when she was an inpatient.

Dr Kate Granger, said: “As a doctor it felt very wrong that this basic step in communication and compassion was missing. I firmly believe a friendly introduction is about far more than just common courtesy but rather human connections, therapeutic relationships and building trust with patients. So, supported by my husband, I vowed to try to bring about a lasting positive change.”

Sue Ryder has always believed that the introduction is an essential point of communication, as it is the opportunity to demonstrate you see the person and not the condition. It sets the patient’s expectations of care, gives an indication of the level of trust they will be able to build with their healthcare worker and ultimately indicates how good the relationship will be.

Stewart Marks, Hospice Director at Sue Ryder – Nettlebed Hospice, commented: “Introducing yourself by name to patients, their families and carers is second nature to Sue Ryder healthcare professionals and is all part of the timely, clear and effective communication we firmly believe to be the cornerstone of compassionate care.

“We know first-hand how important proper communication is, particularly for people who are at the end of life, where it can actually mean the difference between a good and a bad experience. Communicating with your patients and supporting them to recognise and accept end of life means earlier and more honest discussions can take place about their care options.

“Having these difficult conversations early on also means that the dying person and their loved ones have the opportunity to communicate their practical and personal wishes directly, which means that the dying person has more choice and control when the time comes. This will help to prevent people from dying in a place that is not of their choice and not having the chance to say goodbye properly.

“We are officially endorsing Dr Kate Granger’s #hellomynameis campaign to remind professionals across all healthcare settings that there can be no substitute for good communication and to reinforce this message across Sue Ryder.”

Dr Kate Granger has just started a tour to promote her #hellomynameis compassionate care campaign, accompanied by her husband, and will be visiting 16 healthcare organisations to meet NHS staff in just nine hectic days. They will be visiting hospices and community trusts as well as acute hospitals.

The tour starts at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust on 17 June and finishes at Sue Ryder – St John’s Hospice in Bedford on 24 June. In that time, they will criss-cross Britain, visiting England, Scotland and Wales while clocking up 1,600 miles.

To support the campaign and Dr Kate Granger’s visit to St John’s Hospice, Sue Ryder healthcare professionals across the UK will be showing their support through social media on 24 June. Follow @Sue_Ryder for more information.