OCC Backs Motion to Make Commercial Sat Navs for HGVs Compulsory

hgvAt an Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) meeting this week a Motion to have Commerical Sat Navs for HGV made compulsary was unanimously passed.  The Motion was proposed by Goring’s County Cllr Kevin Bulmer and seconded by Henley’s County Councillor David Nimmo Smith.  The Motion is detailed below:

This council ask that the government should in this parliamentary session enact legislation or changes to regulations to make it compulsory for HGV to have commercial satellite navigation and use of personal satellite navigations are to be banned. The regulations need to make sure that the sat navs are to be kept up to date with the latest agreed HGV routing agreement and to include appropriate fines. This council believes this change could become part of the current HGV inspection & enforcement process with little to no additional cost.

The rural areas of Oxfordshire are being particularly effected by HGVs using inappropriate routes and causing both delays & excessive damage to rural roads which are not capable of sustaining this traffic. Personal sat navs which take you the shortest route are not suitable for HGV and are leading to excessive economic damage to the economies of the Towns, Villages & Rural areas of Oxfordshire. The increased use of routing agreements will be made even more effective by this measure and put all HGV’s on the same footing.

David Nimmo Smith said afterwards, “What we want is to tackle HGV issues at source, by making sure that HGVs – including those who come here from the Continent – have fully up to date commercial satnavs.  OCC has a (voluntary) Freight Routing Partnership, but not all operators are members.  OCC is joining a satnav consortium whereby our preferred and recommended routes for long distance and through traffic will be available on commercial satnavs, together with information about weight limits, low bridges, restrictions etc.  All this will help to restrict HGVs – anything over 7.5t – from coming through Henley, unless they have business reasons for being there.”