Have Your Say – 4G Causing TV interference?

Fire Station Tower West Hill

Fire Station Tower West Hill

The Fire Station tower off West Hill has been surrounded by scaffolding for some weeks for the replacement of mobile phone antennae aimed at providing a better mobile signal and a very welcome 4G service in Henley. There is, however, a risk that 4G signals will interfere with Freeview TV reception and viewers are supposed to receive a postcard from the organisation “at800” if they are predicted to be in an area that may experience interference. Early last week, without any warning, we found some Hannington TV stations were unwatchable. An engineer confirmed that this was due to 4G interference and fitted a filter, which seems effective.
Anyone who suspects that 4G transmissions are affecting their TV reception is advised to call Freephone 0808 13 13 800.


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