Townlands Steering Group Vote on New Resolution to Secure Beds in Care Home

meeting-21-sepAt an emotional Townlands Steering Group meeting on Monday night at the Christchurch Centre the Townlands Steering Group, after a long debate and public participation session, voted that they should not continue to push the CCG to provide 18 beds in Townlands Hospital but instead negotiate with them on securing 14 beds in the new Order of St John Care Home being built next to Townlands.  The following resolution was proposed and voted for to be put to the CCG Board before the meeting tomorrow (Thurs 24 September):

TSG Resolution

We cannot at the moment support the OCCG proposals.

We would want the following included in a separate paper to be put to the OCCG board meeting on Thursday 24th September 2015.

14 Beds including step up and step down in the OSJ called the Peppard Wing. Free at the point of use with a long permanent contract. To include a nursing station and shared living areas. (This is supported by Henley GP’s.)

The nursing cover will be Registered Nurse level 6, 24hr plus care assistants.

A Consultant Gerontologist in the RACU as previously agreed during the meetings with John Howell MP.(Paper dated 30th July)

Continued scrutiny and monitoring role for the TSG, which will include social care and the Integrated Locality Team.

All of this agreed in a board minute of Thursday’s meeting. 24th September 2015.

If this is agreed we will not oppose the board’s proposals.

The TSG have been advised that they currently do not have a legal case against the CCG not providing the 18 beds and therefore it was with regret that they felt they need to continue negotiate with the CCG to get the best outcome possible.  The TSG confirmed that all points in the resolution above would need to be met by the CCG for approval and if not another round of meetings and public consultation would be needed.

The CCG have proposed that during the transition period between the Peppard Ward closing on 7 December and the beds becoming available in the new Order of St John Care Home and patients requiring more acute hospital care would be admitted to Wallingford hospital where 10 beds would be reopened.

At the meeting the TSG also confirmed that the Bell and Hart Street surgeries were in discussions with the CCG about moving the surgeries into the vacant top floor in the new Townlands Hospital which was originally reserved for Sue Ryder.

Retired Doctor Peter Ashby who has been involved in the TSG since saving the hospital 10 years ago made a very emotional speech and said, “I am terribly torn about this resolution. I am fed up with this organisation and it looks like this is the only option.”  To this Dr Ashby got a round of applause.

Councillor Ian Reissmann, Chair of the TSG wrapped up the meeting by saying, “We have to be realistic. The CCG have gone some way to meet our concerns but they need to agree to all our resolution.  We will not compromise.”




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  1. Guy Corrie says:

    What never must be forgotten was that Henley had the War Memorial Hospital, which was paid for by the people of Henley. This hospital disappeared without trace (and the money with it too).
    Henley as a town needs a proper hospital, not some lash up.
    Well done those who are fighting an uphill battle with various beaurocrats, health authorities etc, just keep going.

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