Haringtons Hairdressing Fundraising for Alzheimer’s Research UK

harringtons-teamThe team at Haringtons Hairdressing in Henley-on-Thames and their customers are raising money to support the Forget Me Not team and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The team at Forget Me Not are competing in the 125 mile long Devizes to Westminster International Canoe race in March 2016, in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK.

This race will be particularly poignant for the Forget Me Not team as their efforts are in memory of Derek Bishop, the late father of Chris Bishop, one of the Forget Me Not paddlers. Derek passed away in November 2014 after battling harringtons-team-forget-me-notDementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s for seven years.

The race is a severe test of skill, physical and mental stamina and planning, with the unpredictable British weather adding a further challenge.

Impressed by the Forget Me Not team’s efforts, the Haringtons hairdressing team in Henley are asking customers to donate £1 or more to their bill after their hair appointment. The Haringtons Hairdressing Group will then match the amount donated, up to a maximum of £4,000 across the group’s 12 salons.

Haringtons Hairdressing Group celebrates its 30th year in business this year. Haringtons have raised more than £100,000 for charities over the years and are delighted to be able to support the Forget Me Not team and Alzheimer’s Research UK which has touched the hearts of the team at Haringtons, Henley-on-Thames.