Improved Late Evening Train Schedule


Following lobbying since the summer by Henley Trains over local residents’ missed connections and long waits late in the evening at Twyford, we’re pleased to let you know that as of the new schedule, from Sunday 13 December, there will be more frequent services on the branch line at the end of weekday evenings.

These new connecting services from London (all with a change at Twyford) are:

2057 from London, departs 2150 from Twyford, arrives 2202

2129 from London, departs 2228 from Twyford, arrives 2240

2221 from London, departs 2302 from Twyford, arrives 2314

2248 from London, departs 2332 from Twyford, arrives 2344

2318 from London, departs 0003 from Twyford, arrives 0015

Previously there was a long gap between 2218 and 2318 from Paddington, so this is great news for those going to events in London.

Corresponding services back from Henley are at 2206 (change at Twyford for London 2319), 2244 (0017), 2317, 2347 (0116) and 0018 (0207).

The 0018 continues to Reading, arriving at 0052.

Morning and evening rush hour services and daytime service frequencies are unchanged.

We’d like to thank Great Western Railway for improving these services greatly since a couple of years ago.

Please contact Henley Trains at if you have queries or problems about trains on the Henley Branch or would like to join our group of travellers helping each other.







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