Valentine’s Flowers at White-Gdn – Part 1 The Rose

naomi-roseIt is almost Valentine’s again and all the retail windows in Henley are turning to a more romantic theme. Our sponsor, white-gdn florist in Hart Street are now taking orders for Valentine’s flowers. These days flowers of all types are ordered as Valentine’s bouquets, but to encourage Henley’s traditional romantics white–gdn are offering roses at their Christmas pricing.  So what are white-gdn advising as their top tip for choosing high quality Valentine’s roses?  For those seeking the highest quality as a rule we believe that the best of the best just have to be Red Naomi roses.  We always stock these long stemmed red roses at Valentine’s for all our customers, who are very discerning about their flowers. Sadly due to the high wholesale price of these roses and the rise of mass retail floristry, very few florists routinely stock them on Valentine’s Day preferring to offer smaller, more profitable varieties. We at white-gdn think that this is a shame as high quality roses are a true classic beauty.  But what is so special about Naomi?

Naomi is the supermodel of the rose world, with long elegant strong stems, a rich blood red colour, velvety luscious petals, large flower heads and a sweet subtle fragrance. This rose is not cheap and it does not look it!  White-gdn like to provide roses that grab attention, with that wow factor whenever it is demanded.   That is what we can achieve when a bouquet includes Naomi! Even six Naomi can have a bigger impact than dozens of lesser quality, less expensive varieties, although we can and do supply these in larger bouquets.   As the Americans would say… higher quality roses offer more bang for your buck! If you have ever been sent roses that are a disappointment when they arrive because they are too small remember that not all roses are the same. If size and quality matter our experience has always been to order Naomi, they don’t disappoint and last well too!

We will explore more white-gdn ideas for romantic flower choices in part 2 coming soon…

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