Jo Launches New Image & Beauty Business – Learn to Love Yourself

jo-haley-sMany women say, ‘That’ll do’ when getting ready and dressed.  Jo Haley from Henley who has just launched her own business as an Image and Beauty Consultant would like to change this and get women to really “love themselves and understand their self-worth.”

Jo started her career in the hotel and catering industry so she always needed to look good herself as she was in the public eye.  Over the years she has worked for make-up company, Lancome, and as Head jo-haley-logoMakeup Artist in Hong Kong for Colour Me Beautiful. (CMB)  Some of you may know Jo from her time at Kaliko and Estilo, where she advised many on colours and styles.

Jo said, “I’ve always been really interested in beauty and while working for CMB in Hong Kong, I realised how beauty encapsulated our whole image”

Jo Haley, Image & Beauty offers the following services:

Colour Analysis

An exciting, visual and interactive session which will show you how to look younger by the use of colour.  Working with your eye colour, skin tone and hair, Jo will show you which colours make you come alive.  You will see your face change with different colours – you can watch yourself go from older to younger, dull to bright eyes, tired looking to having a radiant glow.  With the right colours Jo said, “You get that instant ‘wow’ lift.  You feel great because you know you look great and that creates a positive impact on everything else we do”.  The cost is £100 for a consultation up to 3 hours including a personal make up lesson.

Style Consultation

Getting yourself to love your body is what this is all about.  Jo will go through with you your bodyshape, lifestyle and personality to help you to be able to express yourself through your clothes.   You will discover how to enhance your great assets and how to accessorise your outfits. Together you’ll come up with a stylish wardrobe that you’ll love and that will work for you.   Cost is £90 for a 2 hour consultation.

Wardrobe Weed

Most women’s wardrobes are full of different colours, styles, sale items and impulse buys… With Jo, you’ll go through your clothes and discover the ones you love and loathe.  Jo will teach you ways to mix, match and multiply therefor making your wardrobe more versatile “The key is that each item should be able to be worn in 3 different ways and through the seasons.”  A wardrobe weed costs £90 for 2 hours.

Skincare & Makeup

“Healthy skin is beautiful skin”, says Jo.  Jo offers complimentary skin care and make-up parties – a great way of friends getting together and having some time out and pampering.  She also offers individual make-up lessons and Mother and Daughter sessions.  Jo said, “There’s lots of videos on Youtube now to show you how to apply make-up, but it’s not personal to you and as everyone has different features, it’s not necessarily the right thing for you. Personal lessons are a great way to learn.”

Last year, Jo was delighted to offer her time to do the make-up for the Riverside Counselling Fashion Show, which was a fantastic night and raised over £3,000

Jo trained with Lynne Nicoll of The Style Alchemist in Marlow who is a Master of FIPI, Federation of Image Professionals Institute, which is the leading accredited professional body of image consultants.  New year, new you? Contact Jo, she’d love to hear from you. Simply call 07590 512376 or email

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