Brownies Learn About Road Safety


1st Henley Brownies learnt about road safety both as pedestrian and as a cyclist at their meeting last week from Henley PCSO Claire Hewett.

The Brownies talked about the best places to cross the road as a pedestrian, what they should do if they get lost or how to keep safe if they are going out alone.  Claire also showed the Brownies the importance of wearing a cycling helmet by demonstrating a small scale model with a fresh egg attached.  Brownie, Martha dropped the helmet from a height and the egg was still intact.

During the meeting the Brownies also designed an outfit and cycling helmet which could be seen in thebrownies-road-safety-badge-2 dark.

Brownie Leader Michaela Clarke said, “It was great to have Claire come to our meeting and talk about the importance of road safety and they also got the opportunity to ask lots of questions about her job too.”




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