Have You Met The Queen?

QueenChilli Brener from Henley has had some major interest from a book publisher in a book she is writing called “What The Queen said to me…” Chilli said, “Currently I have about 30 stories but the publisher has asked for about 10 more so I am on the lookout for further contributors.”

“What The Queen said to me…” is a collection of anecdotal stories by people who have had the privilege of meeting and having had the Queen speak to them. The stories are a little glimpse into the Queen’s personality as told by the people who have met and spoken to her – detailing the back story that led up to that pinnacle moment when the Queen was all theirs for that small moment in time.

There are a whole variety of stories in the book from a whole host of different people. It is not about celebrity, though there are one or two and it is not about divulging any secrets, it is just about lovely stories being shared before they are lost. From walkabouts to investitures, civil servants to Sirs, the book has stories from all walks of life covering many different events.

“The Queen will soon be 90 and is the longest reigning monarch of all time and this book is to help celebrate both these facts. If I can achieve the target then the book will be published for Christmas,” added Chilli.

Chilli would love to hear from anyone who has had that ‘moment’. Please don’t hesitate to telephone her on 07534 486228.