First Fantasy Novel for Local Author Xander

xander-skyscar-sLocal Henley author, Xander Macdonald has self-published his first novel The Skyscar which will go on sale on 28 March and he’s organised a book signing on Monday, 7 March at The Square restaurant in Market Place at 5.30pm.

Xander was born in Bowden in Cheshire and grew up in Stockport. His father was an artist, lecturer, and author who wrote several books on art and architecture. Xander’s mother met his father at art college where she studied sculpture.

He was educated at Stonyhurst College and went to the City of London Polytechnic to study Geology.  His career however has seen him work in IT, starting as a software programmer and now a freelance IT Programme Manager which has allowed him to write in between contracts.   Xander has lived in Henley for the last 17 years and currently lives in Clarence Road with his Bernese Mountain Dog called ‘Dusty’.

Xander first starting writing poetry as a hobby in the 1990s and has had two books of his poems published – the first The Fabulist in paperback in 1994 and the second The Ankh as an e-book for Kindle in 2013.

The Skyscar takes you on a thrilling quest through the afterlife. After death, a condemned soul may find itself in a new form: as a demon on one of the many hells. These dismal worlds are home to demonic overlords and other lurking horrors, all locked in a constant battle to gain power over the Skyscar, the mortal dimension and Earth itself. Corruption and torture are common practice in the demonic worlds, even when there is little to be contested. However, when an item of real value becomes available, it is only a matter of time before war breaks out.

Xander, who credits authors such as H.P Lovecraft and J.R.R Tolkien as his main inspirations.  He said, “Having published two books of romantic and fantasy poetry, I wanted to have a go at writing a novel.  I started writing the book 2 years ago.  It took me a year to write it and then another year to re-write it after I shared it with friends. The concept behind the story is that when you die you don’t just go to heaven or hell your souls are sent to a myriad of afterworlds that more or less match how good or bad you’ve been in life.”

“Both myself and my father who died in 2007 have characters based on them in the book,”  I write for pleasure still, it would be great if the sequel I’ve started to write would be published by a publisher but writing is just a bit of fun for me.” added Xander.

The Skyscar in paperback is out now priced £8.99 and can be purchased via Amazon and the e-book will be published on 28 March.