Henley Leisure Swimming Club Looking for New Members

lady_swimmingHenley Leisure Swimming Club (HLSC) was formed in 1976 from a group of swimmers, mostly employees of the BBC and the landlord and regulars of the local pub, the Bottle and Glass, which sadly is currently closed. It was formed with but one objective – to provide a leisurely swim in an uncrowded pool. To this end the pool at Henley Leisure Centre was hired on a Sunday morning before it was open to the public, and membership was limited to 16 adults. Health and Safety Regulations have subsequently changed, the club now has to have separate insurance so the club and all swimmers are now insured as members of the Amateur Swimming Association and, even after life guard training, members are not allowed to patrol their own sessions, so life guards are also hired.

Tony Koral, Chairman of the Club said, “With the backing of SODC who are very keen to promote good health and fitness for the over thirties, HLSC continues to cater for those more leisurely swimmers who prefer to take their time swimming, rather than participate in more energetic lane swimming  sessions and continues to meet on Sunday mornings from 8:30am to 9.00am at Henley Leisure Centre. Apart from that, nothing has materially changed although due to advancing age of a few members and relocation, membership has now dropped to a level which may inevitably force the closure of the club which would be a great shame in its 40th anniversary year.”

Consequently a few (4 or 5) new members are being actively recruited in order to keep the fees affordable. Anyone who is interested is invited to contact either the Secretary (James Cushing  – jcushing@btinternet.com ) or the Chairman (Tony Koral tonykoral@btinternet.com).


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