New Dance Class in Henley For People Living With Dementia

dance and movement over 50sPeople living with dementia may greatly benefit from movement, creativity and the social aspects of attending a new class “Dance for people with Dementia” that will run for 8 weeks in Henley at the Christchurch Centre starting today (Wednesday 27 April). These sessions are a joint collaboration between Age UK’s Generation Games and Creative Dementia Arts Network and are FREE of charge to participants.

The dance classes on Wednesdays from 10-11.30am will include gentle creative movements that mobilise the body, gentle stretching, singing and having fun – all done through creative ideas and movement play and will be accompanied by a pianist who has also accompanied the English National Ballet.

The Creative Dementia Arts Network (CDAN) aims to improve the health and well-being of people with dementia by providing resources, education and support for arts practitioners and connecting  the arts, health and social care sectors with academia and government agencies involved or interested in using the arts to engage people with dementia.

Dementia has become a major public health priority. Age is a major risk factor and with societies ageing across the planet dementia affects nearly 50 million people world including some 850,000 in the UK. In Oxfordshire an estimated 8,102 people have a dementia (including 102 who are under 60) As the county’s population aged 85 and over is set to increase in the next 5 years, numbers of people with dementia are forecasted to rise by 20%.

Nationally dementia costs society £26 million per annum and these costs are set to rise at a time when adult social care budgets are being cut. Government policy is geared to improving support services, better funding for research and public awareness raising especially as part of making local communities dementia friendly.

If you’d like to join the dance class, please contact Generation Games on or call 01235 849403


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