Aliquando Chamber Choir Concert – Celebrating British Composers

Aliquando-Celebrating-Biritish-ComposersAliquando Chamber Choir’s Concert 14 May in the Christ Church Centre, has a surprising and delightful local flavour.

The concert entitled ‘Celebrating British Composers’ will include works by our most revered composers from the Renaissance period to the present day and as part of the present day offerings Aliquando is very pleased to include the first performance of ‘The Seeds of Love’, a folk-song arrangement by local Henley resident, Anthony Lambie.

Anthony’s research of  English Folk Songs collected in the decade before WW1 by Sharp, Vaughan-Williams, Butterworth, Grainger and others, has been extensive and involved studying their manuscripts in the library at Cecil Sharp House in London. The tunes and words collected varied greatly from village to village, since they were often heard in the fields or pubs and then passed on without being written down. Anthony has selected ten representative verses telling the story of a young woman’s love-life using the allegory of a garden planted with flowers, and he has set the words to seven of the tunes (three of them repeated), chosen to reflect the mood of each verse. Anthony’s arrangement is traditional in style, and his main priority has been that it should be fun to sing – and to listen to, of course. Aliquando can confirm that both are true!

Aliquando will be accompanied by concert pianist Anita D’Attellis, who will also contribute a solo work by Elgar which will be most pleasingly familiar!

Tickets are £15 obtainable from The Christ Church Centre on 577733 or from 01491 578238.

There will be a retiring collection by the Royal British Legion Henley & Peppard Branch Poppy Appeal.

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