New Pick Your Own Herbs Garden Bed at Fire Station

The flower bed outside Henley Fire Station in West Street was replanted last week by Henley in Bloom Gardening Buddies with lots of different herbs including marjoram, sage and rosemary for the public to help themselves to.

The bed has been completely redesigned with wooden partitioning and pathways in a cross to allow easy access for picking by Park Warden and Firefighter Chris Baldwin with the help from members of the Community Payback Scheme.

The plants from the existing bed have been saved and will be replanted and the new plants have been kindly donated by Toad Hall. At the planting new member, Beth Spelman was presented with her official Gardening Buddies t-shirt.

Liz Hodgkin, Chair of the Gardening Buddies said, “We plan to have signs on each herb to say what and how they can be used. We hope that the residents will enjoy picking and using the herbs. ”



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