Councillors Back Townlands Memorial Hospital Name

War-Memorial-Hospital-Plaque-sAt the Full Town Council meeting this week, Councillors voted to support the new hospital name ‘Townlands Memorial Hospital’ after a petition was launched by Mike Willoughby from the Lest We Forget project.

Ian Reissman, Chair of the Townlands Steering Group (TSG) Committee said, “The community are keen to retain the “Memorial” name as part of the new hospital. I think the name “Townlands Memorial Hospital” will carry wide support reflecting the long history of health care delivered locally. I am pleased the Town Council unanimously agreed to support this name, and very much hope the NHS will follow the wishes of the community.”

“The TSG are continuing to work with the CCG and NHS Property Services (NHS PS) on the remaining issues on the development itself and the services provided locally. We were disappointed that the wooden War Memorial plaque which was in the entrance of the old Minor Injuries Unit and should have been part of these discussions, has been placed on the 1st floor which is less prominent than we had hoped. We will be asking NHS PS to discuss with us the location of this important commemorative plaque as well as the promised Memorial Garden and the agree the most suitable location so as many people as possible will be able to see this part of the community’s heritage.”

Mike Willoughby said, “I would like to thank the council especially councillors (Stefan Gawrysiak and Ian Reissmann) for all of the work they have done to support our suggestion. I feel that along with so many other things involved with the hospital project that it will not meet everyone’s approval. We at “Lest We Forget” are just trying to ensure that that the soldiers of WW1 and their descendants who contributed to the original hospital are perpetually acknowledged.”