We All Scream For Sun Cream! Tesco Helps Out

tesco-suncream-vsWith summer on the way, Tesco in Henley have been donating sun cream to local pre-schools, nurseries and community groups.

Ali Simmonds, Tesco Henley Community Champion said, “Welcoming in the warmer weather is always a pleasure as it means the start of BBQ’s and a bit of outdoor living.  Unfortunately for preschool’s and parents alike it also means the start of apply the dreaded sun cream to our children.  To help out, Tesco Henley, has been donating hundreds of bottles of sun cream to parents through local preschools this spring.  Recipients have included; Badgemore Pre School, Happy Days Pre School, Cygnets of Henley, Harspden Pre School, Scared Heart Pre School and 1st Henley Brownies.  Every Little Helps!!”


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