Giving Patients a Voice in the Delivery of Healthcare

patient-participatio-groupOxfordshire CCG is supporting ‘Patient Participation Group (PPG) Awareness Week’ (6-11 June) to highlight the importance of patients in supporting GP surgeries with services they provide.

PPG members act as a ‘critical friend’, working in an informal way with practice staff to help them improve their services. PPGs also allow patients to learn more about health issues and how the wider NHS works, providing them more knowledge so they can give informed views on how to improve services.

PPG Awareness Week is an opportunity for PPGs in Oxfordshire to highlight these benefits among patients and staff, and to encourage more people to get more involved in their surgery’s patient group.

Louise Wallace, lay member (Public and Patient Involvement) at Oxfordshire CCG, said: ‘Patient participation groups are crucial as they can influence how decisions are made about patient care. They also enable GPs to keep track of what works and what doesn’t at their practices and to make changes for the better.’

Louise added: ‘If you want a say in the way your health services are delivered, getting involved with your practice’s PPG is a great place to start. This is important because surgeries are keen to ensure PPGs represent their practice population.’

Some PPGs meet face-to-face at regular meetings, or reaching a wider group via a virtual reference group, providing comments on plans through email. No experience of this type of work is necessary, and joining a PPG doesn’t need to take up much time. All PPGs welcome people from different backgrounds and communities to ensure their views and needs are being represented.

If you wish to join your PPG or know more please contact your GP practice or look on their website for details on how to join.


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