Proposed Initiatives to Start Tackling Henley’s Air Pollution

air-quality-hitAt the Henley in Bloom Activity Day on Saturday, members of Henley in Transition (HIT) were talking to the public about their ideas, projects and initiatives to tackle the terrible air pollution we have in the town. These included banning HGVS that just transit through the town, restriction of deliveries to town centre to 6-8am and 7-10pm, low emission buses and coaches, a one-way system around the town, encourage electric vehicles and install charging points, a car share scheme and a car club.

Chair of SODC, Paul Harrison attended the day told us that a charging point would installed in one of the district council-controlled car parks in Henley by the Autumn and be trialled for a year.
It will require the removal of 2/3 parking spaces which will allow two cars to be charged at the same time. Cllr Harrison said Henley and Wallingford had been chosen for the trial.

David Dickie (pictured above with Councillor David Eggleton), a member of the HIT had borrowed a high spec air quality monitoring machine from Mike Stanton who lives in Henley and suffers with asthma which is made worse by the terrible air pollution and was taking spot measurements from around the town.   David said, “It’s the particulates in the air that really damage your lungs which the device measures.  It’s not the nitro dioxide that SODC measure.  The worst area I’ve measured is in Greys Road, outside the police station. We will continue to measure and monitor to see if there are patterns emerging.”

Chair of the Henley in Transition, David McEwan said, “I am hoping that SODC will start to look at our proposed ideas seriously.  To start with I would particularly like to see a car club started which has been successful in Abingdon.”