Somewhere Under the Rainbow – Wonderful Portrayal of Liza Minnelli

Liza2Somewhere Under the Rainbow beautifully portrays the vibrant, witty and gorgeous Liza Minnelli through snapshots of her fascinating life and songs.  Transported to Broadway, the audience join the audacious Ms Minnelli in her dressing room, perfectly recreated in the Town Hall Chambers, where she recounts tales and shares secrets.  The numbers are executed brilliantly – my personal favourite was Mein Herr (performed on  – and yes, wrapped around – the chair!) which was bold and convincing, the original Cabaret scene certainly no easy act to follow.

Her relationship with her iconic fragile mother Judy Garland and deep love of her father Vincent with his mantra “paint your truth with my illusion” combine to form the tenacious and spirited star that is Liza.  Her own vulnerability, played out in her affection for her stray dog Occo, the husbands and the heartache are all there too.

The costume changes, lighting and sound were all managed brilliantly and the overall experience was terrific.  Sharon Sexton carries this one woman show magnificently.  This is one not to be missed.

Review by Fiona Jennings


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